Saturday, 29 June 2013

From the Highland Way to the Island Way

Well my dream of claiming a second Goblet this year came to an abrupt end after 33 miles at Inversnaid Hotel. Things had been going great up until 3 miles after Rowardennan. I had been at Drymen bang on schedule and at Balmaha was 20 minutes faster than in 2012, and still felt good at Rowardennan. But, then on the second climb on the section towards Inversnaid it all went wrong. I felt drained and found it difficult finding any momentum. I felt awful!! I knew there was no way I had 62 miles left in me and knew that getting to Beinglas would probably end with me causing myself serious damage. So, I made the decision to chuck it. I knew it was the correct and more importantly, it was the sensible choice to make. And as annoyed as I was the next day, I knew I'd come back and run this iconic event again.

I slept 15 hours that night and by the time I woke up I knew that many of my running friends who were taking part had probably finished or were slogging it out on the final section. Well done to everyone who ran, supported, shouted and screamed. Well done to Ian and all those behind the scenes who kept things ticking along. Thanks to my folks for being on hand and for making that horribile drive round to Inversnaid to get me. Well done to all who now possess a Crystal Goblet.

So with my 'Plan A' for this year buggered, I've turned my attention towards the Glenmore 24 hour Trail Race, and plan not to repeat what happened last year. I'm sure it won't as Ada is bringing along her cattle prod and plans on sticking it me the first sign of me lying down.

After the WHWR disaster I knew I needed a good run to lift my spirits, so headed over to Bute to run on the West Island Way Route. Initially I was only planning on around 16-17 miles but ended up doing 24 miles. I'll have to come back and run the northern tip section that I missed out. I wonder if this 32 mile circuit of this beautiful little Island could be an Ultra Race in a few years?
So, I'll be back on Bute soon, hopefully, to complete the WIW. I'm also wanting to head up to 'Elgin-shire' (!) and run on the Isla Way and the Dava Way. I've commited myself to running the Devil O' The Highlands and the Glenmore 24. I'm also planning on entering the Speyside Way Ultra and the GO33. So that's 4 more Ultras this year. I'm still swithering about the Stonehaven Half next week, which would be my only event in July. I really need whatever the next event ends up being to go well, as this, so far, has been a really disappointing running year for me.

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  1. Tough luck Colin - at least it gave you more space top showcase your photography. See you at the Devil for discussions on G24 tactics :-)