Thursday, 31 May 2012

Windmills, Hills and Lochside Running

Jim, who I go walking/climbing with, had appeared in at my work a couple of days ago having just got back from a bike ride around Whitelee Windfarm (just off junction 6 of the M77, near Eaglesham). He suggested to me that I check it out as a place to run as it has near to 70km of tracks and paths to choose from. So on a day off last weekend I headed down to check it out. And what an astonishing place it is. I've never been anywhere near a windfarm before, so this was quite a sight.
I know there is a lot of controversary and debate surrounding these sites, but they are far better for the environment than a nuclear power station, as a windfarm won't make my man bits glow in the dark from prolonged exposure. These huge structures, close up, look majestic, although I know they do impose theirselves on the landscape a bit. 
Like a fat kid in a sweetie shop I made for the nearest one to stand under the massive rotating whoosing blades. Windy Miller, eat your heart out! After a while I even stopped ducking when I ran under them. It was baking hot and yet it was only 9.30am. Not knowing where I was going, although even I would find it hard to get lost here, I just plodded round and ended up doing just over 10 miles in 2 hours. It was surprisingly 'hilly' in the vast farm and unsurprisingly very windy!
As the 'farm' is only 20 minutes drive away I plan on returning soon.

After I got home around lunch time I wanted to do something else physical, as I had a lot of pent up energy to burn. So I got in touch with Jim and told him to get himself over to Luss and we would go up on to the hills overlooking the village (Creag an t-Seilich, Beinn Dubh and Coire na h-Eanachan). Luss was heaving with sun worshippers, tourists and drunken louts. So off we went over the wooden bridge that crosses the A82 and onto the steady steep climb. The views were awesome.
Once up onto the slopes of Beinn Dubh Jim told me to go on while he went to lie out in the sun for a few minutes before heading down. As I was wearing my Salomon trail shoes and mainly running kit I decided to have a hill session and run the rest of the climb (with the odd photo stop).
From the wee cairn the views to Arrocher and its hills were spectacular with the sun beginning to set behind them. I walked around the plateau and followed the fence line for a bit before deciding to head back. I ran the desent in order to catch Jim which I did about halfway down.
A fantastic 2 hour walk/run on a great wee hill. Luss was nearly empty except for a drunk group of youths who were in the process of smashing up the new toilet block here. Scotlands finest at work. This had pissed me off so much so that on the way home I pulled in at Dumbarton Police station and reported it. So a double whammy today and a good one at that.

A couple of days later I headed up to Loch Katrine and squeezed in a 13miler around it's shore line.

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  1. Brilliant blog and photo's .I must pop up and run /walk with you sometime.