Thursday, 3 May 2012

Recovery Running

Glen Kinglas Recovery Run

I had promised (fingers crossed behind my back!) Karen Donoghue (out of fear I think) that I would go for a run the day after the Fling. But I'm afraid all I could muster was a fast paced walk (in trainers) to my local Morrisons to do my shopping. The next day I had various things I needed to do and couldn't find the time to fit in a proper run either. So it wasn't until the 3rd day after the Fling that I finally manager my proper 'recovery run', although by that time I was feeling not too shabby. Better late than never I suppose. And it was a good un. It was a belter of a warm sunny day, and I'm glad I decided to take this week off work, as most days since this recovery run I've enjoyed running in the sun. I headed up the A82 to Tarbet and then up the Rest and be Thankful to the 'Butterbridge' car park. I was overlooked by Beinn an Lochain to the south, Binnein an Fhidhleir to the north and to the west had Ben Ime and the 'Alps' for company. I headed across the road and ran up the gradual climb on the track leading up Glen Kinglas.
I took it easy, even though I felt reasonably fluid. As I passed the old Abyssina bothy 3 Herons took off from the river below. I continued on to the track junction under the pylons that cross from the hillsides here from Inveruglas powers station and disappear over to Glen Fyne. I took the right fork and had intended to run through the trees on the slopes of Cnoc, following the track round to the head of Loch Sloy. But I had walked this track last year and the trees were so thick that there were no views. And the weather today demanded views to be seen! So after the fork I took, I turned off to the right again onto the track signposted for Ben Vane.
This track turns back on itself and runs along the slopes of Beinn Dubh and gains height over the path up Glen Kinglas I ran up. I was now running on a landrover track alongside a concrete encased 'run off' from Loch Sloy, controlled by a small dam further up Gleann Uaine. I could see the tops of The Cobbler still had snow on them despite the heat today. At the end of the track, near the head of Gleann Uaine, I came to a couple of concrete buildings and the small dam. I stopped to admire the views and turned to see a 4x4 landcruiser arrive. At first I though that maybe I shouldn't be here and that this was a Dam official coming to chase me! But it turned out he was a local farmer coming up to check on his new born lambs on the slopes of Beinn Dubh and further up the Glen.

On the return journey I diverted to a small pool that flows into the Allt a Chnoic and then onto Loch Sloy. My quads were a bit tender but all in all it was a great short (9 miles) run.

Glennifer Braes Running

Here are photos from this weeks runs up on the Glennifer Braes.

Killoch Hill Run as the Sun begins to set

I'll post my 'Fling' Report before the end of next week...........well before the Cateran hopefully.


  1. Well done Colin :)
    Karen D

  2. Nice one Colin; it sounds like quite a heavy recovery week after your successful Fling ~ Karen's influence, probably..... ;-)

    I was up that way myself a few months back, and took a short detour to visit Abyssinia, not least because the name intrigued me. Although technically maybe it is a ruin it looks in great shape to me, and well worth going in to see it. You should do so nect time you are up there.

    Murdo tM