Tuesday, 13 December 2016

I'm Back

So after neglecting my Blog for nearly 18 months......I'm back!
I won't bore you with a long summary of all the races since July '15. So from January 2017 I'll get back to posting regular race reports.

After having had 2 years of disappointing and lacklustre races I'm going to approach 2017 the way Hollywood movie companies have been doing of late....and reboot my approach to my running and choice of races. I need to do something different and rebuild. So for 2017 I'm not going to have a long A race. I didn't enter the ballot for the Whwr, I didn't enter the G24 and I'm not considering the Great Glen Ultra. It's been a tough to make as I love these 3 races.....but they'll be there when I'm ready to go back. Instead I'll treat every race in 2017 as just a long training run to try and figure out why things went so wrong over the last 24 months. I'm going to concentrate on distances around 30-40 miles, with the exception of the Fling. Reboot, rebuild and reaffirm my passion.

So for next year.....well currently I've only entered three events......

The Hobo Waterway 30 Ultra (you guessed it.....30 miles)

My 9th 53 mile Highland Fling (no longer Hoka)

And the 30ish mile BaM Racing Glen Lyon UltraMarathon

More entries will follow......however, I'm turning my attention to races South of the 'wall' and to pastures new and don't plan on doing what have been my regular races over the last few years. I need to re-energise my running which has stalled this year.

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