Sunday, 26 May 2013

Cateran Trail Ultra 2013

So the Cateran, my third time running this Ultra, was run 'to enjoy', without setting myself time targets and therefore not having to worry about putting pressure on myself. I'll do a full, blood, guts, tears, sweat and glory report soon, but to summarise.....I ran, I ran, I ran, I finished around an hour slower than last year, but who gives a shit, I finished! It was just about getting in my last long training run before the WHWR in June. The three preceeding Ultras this year hadn't gone the way I wanted, so it's not really been my year in 2013, so far. So I suppose to make up for it and to turn things around I'll just have to go out there and win the West Highland Way Race in a new course record.

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