Thursday, 29 November 2012

WHW Training Run: Victoria Bridge-Kingshouse-Victoria Bridge (vis Clashgour Estate)

I had planned on joining Ian Minty, and anyone else who had turned up, at Tyndrum and run to the Kingshouse and back, but I was running late and so knew they would have been well underway by the time I got up there. Instead I thought that I would catch them up by starting at Victoria Bridge instead. When I started running there was no sighn of them and thought that I would have to try and catch them up somewhere on the 'Mount'. Off I went. What a glorious day to be outside. I've said it many times that this is my favourite WHW section and today was no different. As I ran on I kept hearing voices, but couldn't see a soul in front or behind. Although out here a voice can carry for miles. Shortly before Ba Bridge I eventually saw four runners behind me and it wasn't until they were about 30 metres behind that I recognised Ian. I was surprised as I thought they were well in front. Running with him were Ross, Heather and Paul. So I tagged along with them until the Kingshouse Hotel where I doubled back the way I came. They ran onto Fort Bill, covering the 'Devils' route. Epic run. I think the photos tell a better tale than I could.

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