Thursday, 5 April 2012

Sand, Sea, Bridges and S**t that hill is steep.

I finished work at 3pm and wanted to run, but it was still roasting outside so waited until around 6pm for it to cool down a wee bit. I decided I wanted to run on a new route. I headed over to Erskine and parked at the sports centre behind the Bridgewater shopping complex. I ran from here along the shoreline, passing Erskine Beach and under the Erskine Bridge. I passed by, and through, the 'Earl of Mar' and 'Erskine' Golf Courses before heading into Bishopton for a cup of tea in my parents house. I returned to my car via the same route.

A couple of days later I ran from the same start point, but this time I ran over the Eskine Bridge and up to Loch Humphrey, on the Kilpatrick hills.

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