Friday, 30 December 2011

2011 Review in Pictures

Rather than bore you with another annual review this year, by going through each race and mountain's i've been up, I've posted this instead. Call it an 'Illustrated Diary'. I've taken part in some great events this year and ticked off some previously unclimbed mountains, which have given me many fantastic experiences and lots of mixed memories. They say a picture can express more than words can describe, so here's a shed load! It was difficult to know what pictures to include and even harder to exclude so many (if you are on my Facebook friends list you can see many many many more there). But I feel these, for me, sum up the year best. Each picture evokes a personal memory, an experience, an emotion and an achievement. I get stick from certain quarters for taking so many photos when i'm out running or walking of ordinary and mundane stuff. I guess in my own way i'm recording whats going on around me. When a moment passes, that's it, its gone, never to be repeated and sometimes these moments can be magical and a photograph can record a special 'blink of an eye moment'. I might never climb that mountain or run that race again so capturing moments on 'film' will ensure that moment endures even when the memory doesn't. And it's always nice to look back at a picture and say 'I did that', and feel proud of the the things achieved and a dream fulfilled. It's been a great year and I'm looking forward to next year, with my 'To do' list taking shape. Bring it on!!
An Teallach:
Beinn an Lochain:
 Ben Donich:
The 'Fling':
Clyde Stride:
 Cruach Tairbeirt:
Skye Half Marathon:


Ben Ledi:
 Speyside Way Race:
 Beinn Narnairn and A'Chrois:
Glen Ogle 33(or thereabouts):
Ben Chabhair:
Devil of the Highlands:
Beinn Dothaidh and Beinn Dorain:

Glasgow to Edinburgh:

Beinn an Fhidheir:
 River Ayr Way:
West Highland Way Race:
Inverarnan(Drovers) to Glen Bogle and back:
Other Stuff:

These were just some of the highlights in what has been a busy year, bring on the next!!

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