Saturday, 14 August 2010

Aonach Eagach August 2010

'The most sensational scramble on the Scottish Mainland', Ralph Storer.

Aonach Eagach lays claim to being the finest ridge walk / scramble on the Scottish mainland. It's 3miles of pinnacled jagged saw like crest provides exciting, exposed, dauntingly bum quivering scrambling. Once you are up on the ridge...there is no escape route except back the way you have come. We started at Allt na reigh and traversed all the way along to decent into Glencoe Village at the 'Pap'. Aonach eagach has two munros (Meall Dearg and Sgorr nam Fiannaidh) and another two 'tops' over 3000ft. This was my fifth time doing this ridge walk and there is always something new to see, something you missed from the last time. Myself and Jim were here today with two first time ridge walkers, so we were taking our time today. The two girls who joined us today had never been up and along any kind of ridge so this was a baptism of fire. We started out early, but already there were many in front of us and within half an hour we could see people strung out along the ridge behind us. This ridge has many many exciting highlights and I could never do it justice by trying to describe them so the best way for you to appreciate it is to go climb it yourself!!....or have a look at my photos here.....i took over three hundred!!!'s just a few.....(sorry they aren't in any particular order, but im sure you'll get the idea!)

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  1. Cracking pix Colin! Brought back fond memories of the (one) time I did the ridge. We were in a group of about 12, of "varying" enthusiasm for scary heights. The guy in front of me was very much a four-points-of-contact man (making progress rather slow). Then in a gust of wind his hat blew off. Miraculously it landed close to my foot before continuing on into almost certain oblivion. Quick thinking, and risking all, I was able to trap it underfoot, and in due course return it to him. He's been plugging away at the Munros since then, with only about 12 left to do. Good on him!

    Murdo t M